What Campers and Families Are Saying About Kids Playing Camp Inc…

“How do we express our THANKS for creating a camp that carries the core messages of our home, respect, dignity and a touch of humor. Over the past 6 years we have witnessed our son grow into a a more confident, self-assured young man (he is now 13) and we attribute it very much to your staff who adore him and show him each day how to be a good person. What more could we ask for.”

Proud Mom

"You know your kids are in good hands when they get to the gate and run and play…they don’t turn around to say good-bye. We sit at dinner every night and read the email from Kathy on what they did that day. They are hungry, tired and a bit dirty…we LOVE it."

Dad of Two Campers

"This is the BEST kept secret! Your staff is caring, compassionate and just plain FUN. Whatever you are doing, keep it up as we are here for life."

Mother, two children at camp, ages 6 & 11

One of my favorite things about having you as the Camp Director is your awesome communication. I always know what happened thoroughout the day (when my kids “can’t remember”). And, your are fabulous at letting us know what’s around the next corner so we can arrive at camp prepared. Thank you!

Sue LOVED the week. Each day was a new journey of fun and good times!!

Nora, mother of Sue age 10

Dear Coach Kathy and the entire Kids Playing Camp Staff,

Today was Audrey’s last day at camp and we are all getting a little teary over here. I want to sincerely thank all of you for providing her with two sessions of pure FUN. She came home every day with a smile, stories to share and new games to teach her family.

Kids Playing Camp provided us with not only a fun and adventurous place to send our Audrey, but with a safe place as well. Your safety standards are above and beyond and there wasn’t one time ever that I was concerned for Audrey – and that is saying something since she’s only 5 years old. I was also extremely impressed with how positive an environment KPC is. In our family, we work hard to show and teach Audrey to treat others like she would like to be treated – and KPC mirrored that. I love the communal lunches, the cheering on, the older kids taking the younger kids under their wings. Audrey was even lucky enough to have an older camper with the same name (known as The Big Audrey in our house) who was so kind and sweet to her every day. I am so happy that kindness is not only encouraged, but expected.

A couple of shout-outs if I may:

Coach Kathy – thank you for all of your DAILY communication!

OUTSTANDING for parents. I can only imagine the hours you put in, and you and your camp have made a true impact on us this summer.

Coach Nanda – thank you for allowing Audrey to smother you with hugs and admiration every morning and for letting her hang out with you until some of her pals arrived. We heard about you EVERY DAY:)

Coach Margo - who fearlessly holds the clipboard and signs kids in and out everyday – THANK YOU for always knowing who Audrey was when you saw her. She can be shy sometimes and knowing that you would recognize her every day built up her confidence and bravery every single time!

Coach Ishmael – thank you for safely crossing us to the gate every morning, for ALWAYS having a smile on your face and for saying hello to our 2yr old, Maeve, every morning too. Your positive spirit is catching.

Kids Playing Camp allowed Audrey to experience such an array of activities and adventures. Thank you so much for taking such greatbcare of her, encouraging her to be brave, teaching her new skills and, most importantly, for letting her have so much FUN!

We wish you all a great rest of the summer!

Tabitha, Shawn, Audrey and Maeve (who can’t wait until she’s 5 so she can go to camp too)

"Kathy, Mikey had such a wonderful week! So great, that at dinner he burst into tears because it was over."

Joanna, mother of Mikey age 5

"This was the BEST day of my life."

C.W., age 6

What can we say about Kids Playing Camp?

There are a few words that come to mind - Fun. Friends. Caring. Professional. Safe. Exciting. Special. A wonderful celebration of kids, for kids, in an environment that encourages their individuality.

Every year parents struggle with what to do wit htheir kids during summer break. Fortunately, that is not an issue for our family. Kathy Chuckas and her unparalleled staff continue to put together a tremendous array of activities that kids love (crazy hair day, dance contests, Explore Chicago, carnival day, swimming, chocolate pizza making, sports of all kinds, overnight camp at Camp Duncan, the list goes on and on). Each day the kids come home with fun stories about their day. They cannot wait to go back the next day. Kathy and her staff do a great job working with kids of all ages , making them feel welcome. They provide a fun, safe environment that allows parents peace of mind, knowing that their kids will be well cared for and happy.

Thank you and your staff for the wonderful summer camp this year. We were very pleased with your camp. Linnea had so much fun, her social skills grew, and she’s way more confident in the water. You camp is our idea of how kids should have fun in the summer.

Kathy, thanks for making this the best experience for our son. His laughter was contagious when he came home and shared stories of his friends and counselors. Makes me remember being a kid at camp and the fun we had.

Mary, mother of Josh age 9

Wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to have my two children at your camp. This is our first year and to hear them each night at the dinner telling stories of what they did that day is the best. So far our favorite has to be the wall climbing stories and what it felt for both of them to make it up the wall. Their confidence is soaring..thanks much.


Kathy, I feel so good leaving my daughter with your staff at camp. I know that they will be attentive and playful and she will experience lots of activities. Thanks.

Barb, mom

The best thing about Kids Playing Camp is that you all truly enjoy the kids & the spirit of fun is very contagious. Thanks for everything.

Renee, mother

Thank you so much for a wonderful camp experience for Emma. She had a blast for the 4 weeks of camp and was incredibly sad to say good-bye. I loved hearing about all of the fun activities she had a chance to experience. Some of them were things Emma had never done before. She was thrilled to have an opportunity to play tennis and rock climb. She loved her time in the pool. She also really enjoyed the special shows like the juggler/magician. She talked about him for many nights. The theme days were a big hit as well, especially carnival day. You are so creative! It meant so much to me to be able to leave Emma at camp for 7 hours without worrying about her at all. I knew she was cared for. Your staff was terrific. Thank you for taking such good care of her!


Since I am a teacher, I find that I am a pretty picky customer when it comes to summer programming for my daughter. I could not believe my fortune when I discovered Kids Playing Camps. The nurturing staff, well planned activities and safe environment made for a memorable summer that we still talk about now, in the dead of winter! You will not find a more caring, energetic or involved camp director than Kathy. We cannot wait to sign up for this next summer’s adventure.


We LOVE Kids Playing Summer Camp! Your staff is the Best. The care and concern and attention to detail of each camper is fantastic. I know that under Kathy’s direction, the staff reflects her philosophies and ways of treating each camper that makes everyone feel valued. Whatever you are doing with staff training and selection, keep it up Kathy.

Patty, mom of two campers

What I appreciate about Kids Playing Camp is that my girls are always safe and cared for. Whenever we have a question, Kathy gets back to us in a timely manner and really knows our girls and their likes and dislikes. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Michalea, mom of campers age 8 and 12

LOVE Kids Playing Summer Camp. Everything screams kid friendly. The counselors are truly the BEST. They pay attention to every little detail and make me feel that my children are in good hands. The boys love the sports, field trips and special “dunking” opportunities. We will be back!

Barb, mom of camper age 6

When I was looking for a camp it had to be more than just sports. That is what Kids Playing Camp is. They play a variety of sports, cook, create one-of-a-kind art projects and laugh. They did all of this while learning how to treat each other and not be mean. Thanks for providing my son with the skills that he will carry over into the school year.

Michael, father of boy age 11

When Kathy said that it was going to be a fun summer, she underestimated. After the first day, my daughter couldn’t get there fast enough and did not want to leave. Her favorite….ALL OF IT.

Chris, mom of camper age 6

I really love camp. My favorite part is the counselors. They are like big brothers and sisters who watch out for you all the time.

Sammy, camper age 7

We have been to other camps, but our kids love this one the best. You play and do so many things during the day, that when the kids come home they eat and are exhausted. Thanks for creating a fantastic summer.

Dad, 2 children at camp, ages 7 & 9

I am so happy at camp, outside, inside and all over.

Josh, age 5





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Drop Off and Free Play

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9:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m
Aftercare - $10 per family per day


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8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. Drop Off and Free Play Camp Rotations 9:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m Aftercare - $10 per family per day