Camp Administration

Kathy Chuckas

Founder & Owner

Camp Director

Years at Camp: 18
School: Texas Christian University
Why I work at KPC: I have the BEST job in the world.  I have the opportunity to take what I experienced as a child and create summer memories for kids throughout the city.  I am blessed to have had this opportunity for the past 15 years and can not wait to see what the summer brings for our campers.


KPC believes that as we come together as a group of diverse kids and staff, that it is important to understand how to work cooperatively and positively with each other.  

An important part of our team is our Clinical Social Work Consultant.


Beth Holzhauer, LCSW 

Consultant, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Years at Camp: 18
School: University of Wisconsin Madison

Max Guadarrama

Assistant Camp Director

Years at Camp: 5
School/Work: Urban Sitter
Why I work at KPC?  It's not just work, not just camp and it's not just another day. Kids Playing Camp is a one of a kind diverse camp that Northeastern Illinois University hosts every summer. Kids Playing Camp is full of adventures throughout the Chicago Land area. There are rainy days, chilly days and really hot days. Throughout the three sessions of camp, we build friendships, trust, honor, respect and a smile between each other. I would say Kids Playing Camp is the highlight of my summer.

James Holzhauer-Chuckas

Associate Camp Director

Senior Director, No Limits & Out of Bounds

Years at Camp: 18 (11 as staff)
School/Work: St. Nicholas Church
Why I work at KPC: I have been with Kids Playing Camp since its first day. I have watched it grow into something I just adore. I work at Kids Playing Camp for the atmosphere, campers, parent support, and staff. I believe Kids Playing Camps changes lives and I believe it is a place where kids can be themselves. 

Danny Del Real

Camp Medic

Co-Director of No Limits & Out of Bounds

Years at Camp: 4
School: University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Nursing
Why I work at KPC? I work at KPC because working with the kids everyday brings a smile to my face and each and every day is a new adventure.

Marissa Kot

Co-Director of No Limits & Out of Bounds

(Bio Coming Soon)

Camp Activity Specialists

Georgina Sagert


Years at Camp: 6
Work: P.E. Teacher - Sacred Heart Schools
Why I work at KPC? I work at Kids Playing Camp because I absolutely love working with kids. I'm a Physical Education teacher during the school year so this allows me to work with kids year round.  Being a part of the KPC staff has been so much fun the past 3 years.  This camp is so enjoyable for the campers but also for the staff!  I honestly couldn't find a better job than being part of this wonderful camp!

Eduardo Chavez


Years at Camp: 4
School: Northeastern Illinois University
Why I work at KPC? Love the experience and fun activities with the campers.

Vanessa Crisostomo

Team Building

Years at Camp: 3
School: Northeastern Illinois University
Why I work at KPC? I love working with kids and getting to teach them something while having fun!

Pat Brunger

Kids in the Kitchen

Years at Camp: 18
Favorite Activity:  Spending time with grandkids
Why I work at KPC: I love to create TREATS for the campers especially the chocolate pizzas and s’mores on the sidewalk.

Senior Counselors (K-5th Grades)

Kai Chuckas

Years at Camp: 6 (8 as a camper)
School: Mount Holyoke College
Why I work at KPC? I LOVE working at camp and seeing all the campers have FUN everyday.

Sidney Chuckas

Years at Camp: 5 (8 as a camper)
School: University of Southern California (USC)
Why I work at KPC? I want to spend my summer at camp and help create memories and fun times for the campers…just like I had when I was a kid.

Holly Desmond

Years at Camp: 4 (8 as a camper)
School: Evanston Township High School
Why I work at KPC? I love the excitement and creativity that each individual camper brings. Every year it's a new experience and it's great!

Violet O'Neil

Years at Camp: 5 (8 years as a camper)
School: Tulane University
Why I work at KPC? I work at Kids Playing Camp because I love kids, and I had such a great experience spending all my summers at KPC as a kid and I want to give kids the same great memories of camp that I have and love!

Ethan Ross

Years at Camp: 5
School: Nazareth College
Why I work at KPC? I love being able to play with kids and watching them learn and grow. I want kids to be able to look up to me and see me as a role model.

Katie Jane (KJ) Torma

Years at Camp: 3
School: Loyola University
Why I work at KPC? (Coming Soon...)


Lukas Amstutz

Jennifer Aviles
Zach Beekman

Mirian Bloom

Sam Blustein

Steven Chuckas

Gia Clarke

Haley Cronin

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Kat Cudahy

Liza DeWhite

Aidan Dolan

Emmett Elward

Kieran Elward

Alex Garrett

Avery Geiger

Sam Harris-Watts

Kiet Jackson

Mackenzie Janes

Bella Kiely

Shael Murthy

Max Nauman

Mitchell Nauman

Charlie O'Neil

Sam Price

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Anders Pride

Audrey Pride

Aidan Ross

Ignacio Salas

Mariana Salas

Harry Soenksen

Ava Swan

Tian Valenzuela

Counselors-in-Training (C.I.T.)

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Phone: 847.323.1394



8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m.
Drop Off and Free Play

Camp Rotations
9:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m
Aftercare - $10 per family per day