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Kids Playing Camp offers swim lessons through the Neptune Swim Lessons Program at Northeastern Illinois University. Below you will find information about Neptune Swim Lessons. 

Price: $60 | 1st & 2nd Grade Campers | Coed

Register*: Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3


Levels: Participants will be tested the first day of class and as needed throughout the session

All levels are offered at most class times, lessons are 40 minutes.

Level 1: No previous experience or limited experience. Students will learn to be comfortable in the water, float, streamline on both front and back with the flutter kick.

Level 2: Students can swim in streamline position on front, and soldier position, and have proper flutter kick. Students will learn proper arm stroke, kick, balance, and rhythmic breathing (for freestyle or front crawl). Students will learn body position for backstroke and begin diving.

Level 3: Students can swim freestyle (front crawl) with beginnings of rhythmic breathing and proper flutter kick and have experience with backstroke. Students will perfect the freestyle breathing and timing, learn the backstroke arms; and the foundations of the breast stroke and butterfly.

For the more advanced students Clinics are offered. Participation in clinics requires permission from the Senior Swim Instructor. Clinics focus on Advanced Freestyle, Backstroke, Breast Stroke, and Butterfly technique; and endurance. The Clinic is designed to meet expected swim team standards.


*24 spots are available. All registrations and payments for swim lessons are handled directly with Northeastern Illinois University Aquatics Department.